Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feelings III - Part 7

As the contract signing of Mallya and Adiga neared,massive protests were simultaneously launched in various parts of the state.The issue of forceful land acquisition had taken on a larger proportion altogether and Adiga was now feeling the heat.The very land that Adiga had promised Mallya was now under media spotlight what with the people from his own organization leaking out information to the press under the garb of "sources".Mallya dint want to be associated with this anymore and he decided to back out of the deal.

The Karnataka Lokayukta raided offices of Adiga's various businesses ,however Adiga was not the one to sit quietly and watch.He very well knew who was behind all this. He worked with the principle of "Keep your friends close,your enemies closer".The various real estate deals of his came  under the public purview due to relentless media campaign.Aditya being a partner in the company also had to answer queries from the media.The party which was in power in the state too wanted to distance itself from Adiga.

Under this backlash against him,Adiga being a canny veteran that he was, knew he had to make peace with the opposition camp.With the market share of IHP also rising due to this black mark against his company,Adiga was losing ground in the export market too.A lions share of Adiga's loss went o IHP.He was determined to teach Dhruv and Inchara a lesson but under the garb of friendship.

With the upcoming election to the Rajya Sabha in the centre,Adiga knew very well that Ajay Mallya would want to be elected to the Upper House.For that to happen he would require the support of the party in power in the state along with Kumaranna's party.Adiga wanted to ceize this opportunity and after lobbying from all sides and with briefcases being exchanged,the party in power relented to support Ajay.This was also  in return for asking Kumaranna to drop the farmer's agitation which had given bad press for both the government as well as Adiga.

This was a win win situation for everyone and the newspaper front page photo with all hands raised together showed just the same.Adiga however was burning from inside.He couldnt swallow the fact that "ek gaon ki chori(a village girl) and the son of an old foe could even think of crumbling down his empire.Inchara was the first easy target for him.

He called Ali Hafiz who was his trusted lieutenant whenever he had to "take care" of certain people.Ali Hafiz came to his office.Adiga gave him the picture of Inchara.

"Ali , her name is Inchara,shes been a pain in the neck for far too long.Choti Gaon ki Chokri hain,Tumhe zyaada mushkil nahin hoga,uska thoda khayal rakhna " so saying Adiga winked at him.

"Hojayege saab,payment har time ki thara mere Dena Bank ke account mein hi kar dhena".

"Done Ali".

As Ali was walking out he mistakenly bumped into Aditya who was just coming into office.The photo of Inchara fell from Ali's hand,Aditya observed this.What was Inchara's photo doing with this stranger?
He then asked the receptionist as to who he was.

"He is Ali Hafiz,he is called in by Boss whenever there are certain things or people to be handled when the situation gets a bit out of hand"

Aditya knew exactly what this meant.He understood what the photo of Inchara's was doing with him.He went to his office and sat on the chair,drank the glass of water kept on the table hurriedly,suddenly he was not feeling well.Having been brought up in a simple household under a strict father he had now begun to truly understand the big bad world of business.His breathing became heavier,all memories shared with Inchara came rushing back.

That night he had a nightmare
- Walking in a sugarcane field he saw a girl standing in front of him.The girl resembled Inchara,her face was slit and blood was oozing out,hands had turned black as though it were burnt,the skin on her legs seemed to have come off and it was as though she had been dragged on the ground for a long time,clothes were torn and she seemed to have just been tortured by some cruel butcher,the girl raised her hand and called out "Adi"..

Aditya woke up with a shout,he was perspiring,the girl was Inchara,what if in real life she was tortured like this by Ali.He could never allow her to go all through this,was he panicking?,the receptionist's words kept ringing in his ears,he ran to the bathroom and threw up,it was as though he was not able to comprehend the magnitude of things that were happening in his life.

The next day he had to attend an Entrepreneurs Conference called "Startup Pad" to be held in Bangalore.Entrepreneurs from 15 countries including US,France,Belgium,Hong Kong were to attend this conference.

Aditya's mind only had Inchara written all over it.He tried to call her a few times but everytime it returned a "the User is presently busy" tone.He messaged her but again no success.Inchara had gone to Jharkhand to meet Bipin Dutta regarding expanding business in Jharkhand and Bihar.The phone network was real bad and she could not be reached.He called her office and came to know she had gone there.His wavering mind again thought "She is my enemy ,why should i care? ,remember she was a friend first,you cant allow this to happen to her,so what she dint flinch before fighting me,what would she do,sit quiet and let you destroy her dream"his mind started playing games again.He was not able to take this stress.

The talks had begun and Aditya was told to shut off his phone.A few speakers came and left.Then a couple from Hong Kong who had started their own clothesline Bossini ,came to talk.
Since they only knew Chinese,there was a translator to tell it in English.
Hsien Lee started with how they had started off his business.How he had met his wife,the way they had together started Bossini,the difficult days etc.He came to the end of the speech and told the translator that he wont be needed.

To the surprise of everybody,he started to talk English with a strong cantonese accent

"I come from native China,met Tsee,love motivated I,Love can be inspiring or destructive,never allow love destroy u,dont lose love,its precious,we succeed,you succeed too"

The words of Hsien rang a bell in Adi's mind.The guitar had suddenly started to play a romantic tune,had he realised her true emotions for Inchara.was he in LOVE with her.
The questions haunted Aditya.He realised that if the nightmare he had came true,what would his life be like,until now he was like a small boy,fighting for his share of the pie,but what if suddenly she wasnt there anymore.He realised he couldnt stay without her.

Inchara came back to Bangalore two days later.

Ali then went onto prepare a faultless plan.He had to finish Inchara and Adiga was in a hurry to do this.He first recced the office of Inchara,observed her daily routine ,daily morning walks in the park near her house,then the time when the employees started coming into the house,her evening activities etc.

Adiga knew Inchara had made a name for herself and anything happening to her in the city would make big news and there would be obvious pointing fingers towards.He had learned that Inchara would be going to Kumta through a mole in Inchara's office.

He called up Ali and "Ali Idhar kuch nahin karneka,gaon jaa rahi hain,waha par tum kuch kar sakte ho"

Ali agreed.The plan was in place.On the day Inchara was supposed to leave Aditya went to meet her in her office.She was not picking up his phone and was deleting his message even without reading them.She was very angry on the way Aditya had systematically tried to ruin her business.

Just before Aditya could reach,Inchara had left with Dhruv to Kumta.Aditya followed them.Ali who knew of this plan was already stationed near Kumta.

The assassination plan was being refined.Adiga wanted Inchara dead  but .....................

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