Thursday, June 24, 2010

Feelings III - Part 6

"Mr Aditya can we have a talk..will not take much of of your time",the HR executive commented.

Aditya somehow felt that it was bad news.As they entered the conference room,the IT guy placed a file in front of Aditya. "We have found some emails,chats,printer cache etc",
"We would like you to explain this Mr Aditya" said the HR guy coming directly to the point in a bit more assertive tone.

All the chat information,emails he had inadvertently sent some of his clients, all the resources he made use of the company he worked in was right there in front of him.When he was sending those mails,it dint even cross Aditya's mind that he might be trapped in this way.However for the IT department to look up only his account among the countless employees that worked in his organization surprised Aditya. He start feeling a bit suspicious.

As the HR and IT management rammed home the point about the number of ways  in which Aditya had violated the ethics and business practices of the company,Aditya could only think that this was the handiwork of Dhruv and Inchara.He dint care about the job as he was anyways leaving it.However his profile would be blackmarked in the National Skills Registry and since most companies looked for the background of the person on this site,he knew this might keep away even some of his prospective clients.

His hands started twitching and he even rolled his hairs in a clear sign of tension.And the HR guy had this to say finally
"Mr Aditya i hope you realise that Stratum Inc is capable of suing you for damages,for using company's resources for personal work, using proprietary software of the company etc" , 14 other serious charges were levelled against him.And also with effect from that day Aditya was immediately relieved even though he still had a month to go.

Aditya slowly unknotted his tie and left the office premises.As he drove he could only revisualize the IT and HR guys surrounding him like vultures and tearing his character apart.His anger grew exponentially,he honked his way around the city and had near accidents.He finally stopped at one place,picked up his phone and called Inchara.

"Hi this is Mr Was Software Engineer of an MNC speaking Inchara"
Inchara could sense that Aditya was angry by his sarcastic tone.

"What happened Aditya?"

"You know i had started loving the way you were calling me like that,never knew you would use the same thing to hit me Inchara",hardly being able to swallow his own saliva.

"I am not getting you Aditya"

"Its alright Inchara,i know THIS IS BUSINESS,i was a fool thats all,not knowing how to think from my head,but believe me i am a quick learner,will learn all the tricks of you big ppl fast" said Aditya with his tone giving away aggression.

"Aditya can you please come to the point,i am not able to get you" repeated Inchara.

"Sorry Madam,i wont waste your time,i will come directly to the point,you called and informed my company isnt it,about me having my own company and stuff,i was fired from my job today Inchara,and you have virtually ensured that my career goes into a black hole",said Aditya now breathing more heavily.

"But dont worry,i will get back at you for this,dont think i am going to go away quietly into oblivion,you have hurt me today Inchara"

"Actually... thanks you have helped me to become a BUZINESSman,thanks" as he blabbered this he slammed the mobile down before Inchara could even explain that she hadnt done anything like that.She realized that Dhruv hadnt listened to her plea.

As Mike Shinoda sang "Forfeit the game,before somebody else takes you out of the frame and puts your name to shame,cover up your face,you cant run the race,the pace is too fast" in his car's stereo, Aditya was more determined to prove Shinoda wrong.

He directly went to Adiga."Mr Adiga,i want to be a full time partner of your company,i dont want to head Innovating Creativity anymore,i want more,please give me a chance to take on IHP,i want revenge Mr Adiga,please" he pleaded.Aditya had lost his senses,not being able to absorb what had just happened to him.

Mr Adiga wanted Aditya exactly in this desperate situation.He knew his trick of getting Aditya fired by giving information about Aditya to the HR manager who was a personal friend of his would work well for him.

Mr Adiga smiled cunningly

"Come son,you are still young,hot blooded,but successful businesses arent run this way,you dont give up on your own creations,dont close down Innovating Creativity,now is the time you calculatively think,make your moves smartly,imagine playing a game of chess,you need to win,whether the methods you use are ethical or unethical shouldnt matter to you,the only goal should be to checkmate the opposite player,think more from your brain,not from your heart" and so saying Mr Adiga was poisoning Adi's mind.Aditya who had grown up listening to his honest father's advices was now all blank as a slate.What Adiga would wish he could write on it.


 Dhruv had gotten a meeting fixed with Kumaranna Gowda,a seasoned Karnataka politician,an ex Chief Minister of Karnataka who was now being pushed to the oblivion of Karnataka politics due to the new party which had come to power in the state with the help of Adiga and other rich industrialists who actively funded the party.

The land near NICE road which was reportedly taken forcibly by the builder mafia headed by Adiga without giving adequate compensation was an issue that Kumaranna wanted to take up actively .He wanted his political career to be restored to the hey days of glory.Dhruv and his father knew this.Inchara was just a pawn and excuse for them to go actively against the current state government and Adiga.

Adiga had earlier publicly humiliated Dhruv's father in a press conference saying that the Industry and Commerce Minister was forcing companies like Adiga's to fund them during elections in the Centre.This had led to a big media brouhaha in the national media costing Jay Panda the more plumpier Finance Ministry.

A big conspiracy was being planned by Dhruv,Jay and Kumaranna.The fight for the NICE land was to be taken up more violently ,bringing the government machinery down taking it to unmanageable levels,once this was done then the Central appointed Governor would ask for Governor's rule to be imposed on the state.

They knew for this to happen they had to take the government by surprise,protests were planned in front of the CM's  and Adiga's residence.The protestors were given clear cut instructions to become violent if there was no response.

Aditya knew of Inchara's plans of venturing into packed foods in the airline sector and that talks with King Airlines was in advanced stage.They drove to the King's CEO Ajay Mallya's resort,Aditya looked at his own reflection in the rear view mirror,with the wind making his jacket collar strike repeatedly against his face,he knew that a new dawn had come in his life,one where ,there would hardly be any space for emotions.

He knew this contract with Mallya was one of the ambitious forays of Inchara and he wanted to hurt her here.Even though he had felt doing this was unethical Adiga had convinced that if Aditya wanted to be the headline then he had to do all this to reach the top. With "benefits" being explained to Mallya about what all he would be gaining if he decided to give Adiga the contract,he closed the deal successfully there.Mallya was promised that some portion of the land near NICE could be given to him for his aircraft maintenance work.As he came out , Aditya smiled to himself,-"Inchara you are going to be hurt BAD",he said to himself.

He then actively seeked Inchara's right hand Bharat Joshi and enticed him with the money to switchover to Adiga's.This would weaken Inchara internally.Next stop :  few of the governments storage facilites which were leased out to Inchara.He asked Adiga to pay a higher price to get these facilties for themselves.

Inchara watched as Aditya started slowly crashing down her dream and also what was one time his own.Though until then she had hesitated to support Dhruv in his machinations she was now forced to.
Both were trying to undercut each other,Both felt a strange sense of agony when doing so.Both dint realise why.

As the contract signing day between Mallya and Adiga neared ...........................

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