Thursday, July 8, 2010

FEELINGS III - The Finale Part 1

Dhruv and Inchara reached Kumta in the wee hours of the morning.Ali was secretly following them not knowing that Aditya had also reached Kumta along with the others. Ali waited for his time.Since he had reached before hand,he had detailedly surveyed all the places.Dhruv and Inchara then went to their factory which was newly setup giving employement to many youth and women from villages around Kumta.

Aditya was secretly following Ali.None of his calls to Inchara were being picked up.He then decided that he had to confront her in order to make her realise what she was up against.

In the evening they went to the temple and this was what Ali was waiting for.Taking an alternate route to the top,Ali hid behind a bush of trees.Waited patiently as Inchara and Dhruv climbed the steps along with a few other employees of the new factory to seek Gods blessings.

As they neared the exact point which Ali had marked so as to shoot her down,Inchara heard Aditya shout from below:
"Run from there,your life is in danger!!" and before anyone could react anything ,the bullet from Ali's gun had its first casualty.

However Ali had missed his mark and accidently shot Dhruv.As Dhruv rolled down the steps,Inchara tried to duck,Ali shot again and this time it hit her arm,and before he could kill her off with a final shot,a few of the boys covered their madam,and few others went to catch hold of Ali.

Dhruv  was shot right in the chest and killed him instantly.Inchara got away with wounds on her arm.A couple of the boys were wounded too.Aditya immediately drove her to the nearest hospital which was 5 kms away.Ali was caught hold off ,Dhruv's body was also taken to the hospital by some of the boys.The quiet coastal town was aghast at what had happened.

Some of the local Hindu leaders on learning that it was a Muslim shooter tried to paint a communal angle to it.Jay Panda was livid with anger,he had lost both his sons and he wanted blood.He ordered some officials in the IB to find out who was behind it.

As Inchara lay in the hospital bed after having lost lots of blood,Aditya stared her with a blank expression.He couldnt comprehend the turn of events.If he hadnt left her in the first place and joined a beast called Adiga all this wouldnt have happened.He closed his face and wept.

He wished Inchara would wake up ,wished he could talk to her,wished all this hadnt happened,wished everything went back to how it was before.Inchara's father on hearing the news had  come to Kumta.
He saw Aditya sitting on the bench outside the ward,his face collapsed in his hands.

"What happened son?"

"Uncle,Inchara was shot in the arm,she has lost lot of blood.."

"Her life is not in danger right?",her father asked worriedly not able to stop tears from flowing down his eyes.He had lost his wife and if Inchara also dint survive,he would become alone.

"No,Uncle she will survive,we already got a donor with AB blood group,doctor says she will recover completely in a few days,besides she is a strong girl .." and before Aditya could complete the sentence,

"Enough of this son,we are middle class people and when we aspire something beyond what God intended us to do,we will end up like this,we are simple village people,i have tried her to explain this a lot before she got into business but she refused to confine herself and now see what has happened,now i wont listen her for anything,shes my everything son,i cant lose her" and he continued to rattle on.Aditya knew none of what he would say to console would work on Inchara's father.

Just then the doctor came out and said, "Inchara has become conscious now,you can go in to talk to her if you want"

Inchara's father rushed in,held her hand
"How are you shona?" and wept profusely
"Dad please dont cry,what will happen to your image" and tried to lighten the atmosphere

Aditya walked in,his eyes all sullen and red.He looked at her and dint know what to say.

"Thanks" she said quietly.

Aditya dint want to speak anything.

"Enough of all this Inchara,no more of this business-gizness,i have decided that i am going to get you married to my friend Ajit's son Rahul,he is earning handsomely ,stays in US,no more of this jhamela,i cant lose the only reason i am living for"

Aditya and Inchara exchanged silent glances.

She tried to calm her father down."Dad,if i go off to US ,then who will take care of you,remember you had told you will always keep me near you"

"Dont try to tell me what is to be done,you are going to get married to Rahul and thats my final decision" and walked away from there.

Aditya and Inchara were alone in the room now.He dint know what to talk to her.Guilt-ridden on having brought all this on them,he attempted to walk away.


He dint want to turn  back,dint want to meet her eyes what with the guilt increasing even more when he remembered of how he had behaved..

"Why did you save my life Aditya?" she asked.

"Why are you asking that?" he was still not meeting her eyes.

"I mean you wanted to finish off IHP right,you wanted to be the headline,you tried to hurt me in all ways possible,yet when it came to the question of my life,why did you turn up to save me?"

"I dint save you,it was pure luck that Ali missed his shot"

"Ali??!! you knew the shooter's name?"

"Yes i did,he was sent by Adiga to finish you off"

"Then how come you came here to inform me?"

"I wouldnt have to,if you had picked up my call atleast once" he said, his tone showing a semblance of anger.

"Why did you even care Aditya,you anyway wanted to reach the top,this would have made it easier right?" she probed further.

"Because i couldnt live without you Dammit!!! "he yelled.

A nurse suddenly came in "Please sir,dont talk loudly,kindly go out,dont disturb the patient more" and took him away from there.As he was going out he looked back at Inchara.She looked stunned of what had just been said to her.

It was as though they had connected at a different level altogether that day.The guitar had picked up a romantic tune now.

Knowing now that Inchara had recovered a bit,he rushed off to Bangalore to tell Adiga that he no longer wished to work with him.On his way back he listened to Bin Tere(the base guitar version by Shekhar)
.He knew now how important Inchara was to him.

Meanwhile IB officials had reported back to Jay Panda on the people that had ordered the hit of his son.
Adiga knew he was in for some trouble the  minute he had got the news that Dhruv was accidently shot.However he had to now save his skin.

Livid with anger,Jay called up Adiga albeit from another spare number,so that no call would be traced to him.

"Adiga,i think you already know why  i called you"

"I know Jay"

"Call me Mantriji you bastard,you killed my son you bastard.,i am going to make you life miserable" Jay rattled off in the characteristic tone of political bigwigs,"

"Mantriji thats why i am trying to clear all the things,it was not me who ordered the hit on Dhruv,i had done that for Inchara,but Aditya in the last minute forced the shooter to target your son Sir,it was some issue related to Aditya being jealous of Inchara being with your son or something,i couldnt do much sir"

"You dont lie to me you son of a bitch,this information was brought to me by the IB,dont mess with me"

"I am not lying sir,it is true that i had ordered the hit on Inchara,not your son,Aditya is your target sir,not me"

With some more lying Adiga was able to muddle Jay into thinking that it was Aditya and not him who had killed his son.

Jay then called some of his shooters and told

"Shetty kill Adiga as soon as he comes out of his office,i dont know how you do it ,but kill him,and yes.there is this Aditya also ,dont spare him too,will ask one my men to send you all the details,remember my name shoudnt come in any of this".As he kept the phone "Bastards they think that they can get away killing my son"
"I will show who Jay Panda is" he bellowed emphatically in his office.

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