Thursday, July 8, 2010

FEELINGS III - The Finale Part II

Meanwhile Inchara's father had started with the preparations for the wedding.He dint want to waste anytime.Inchara was discharged from hospital,but her father prevented her from meeting any of her factory boys or even to do any work related to the business.

The last words of Aditya before he had left the hospital that day was still ringing in her ears.She was confused whether to go along with her  father's diktats or wait till things got more clearer with Aditya.The engagement was fast tracked and the wedding was to happen a week after that.Her father dint want to leave anything to chance.

He asked Inchara to sell off IHP to some other business house.Inchara refused to sell her dream.She called up Aditya.

"Aditya,Dad is forcing me to sell off IHP,wanted to ask what you thought about it"

"What do i have to think about it?Its always been your business,so u need to take that decision" he replied back bluntly.

"Okay,and also my engagement has been fixed this Saturday,.." she said and went quiet.

"Yeah I know,,your dad had called to invite our family to the wedding happening the week after that,Mr Rahul huh!!" he said

"Yes,Rahul of the US" she said.

"You still havent stopped giving nicknames,have you" he said,with the tone being heavier now.
They briefly smiled.

"Nope" , she said.and not being to talk any longer hung up immediately.The turn of events in her life had taken the wind out of her sails.She was not the usual confident self,not even able to tell her Dad that she was against selling off her business,against getting married to Rahul.

Aditya sat quietly in his room contemplating over what he had to do.Just then his Dad came in.

"Son,you are ok?"

"I am fine,you wanted anything " he asked.

"No no,i just observed that over the past few months you have changed a lot,you are talking less to your mother,and have made this room of urs as your whole home,you are sure there is no problem Son?" 

Aditya let all the emotions go,as he shared all what happened in his life over the past year and what he was going through emotionally.

"Look son,if she has decided to marry someone else,then i dont think you should go for her,but if u think she has the same feelings as you do then i think you should tell her what you feel directly.And about your business,i initially liked that you had gone ahead to start your own business along with her,proud that my son was doing something that i was unsuccessful at,but once you joined Adiga i became a bit worried.I tried to warn you several time,but you and your hot blood wouldnt listen.Business needs patience son,u must keep at it for a long time,only then can you reap the benefits and the same applies to love and personal relationships also",he said.

This was the first time the father and son had a heart to heart talk.They shared an awkward hug later.Aditya decided to pursue Inchara.There was no way he would let go off her.On the day before the engagement Aditya reached Inchara's home in Kumta.It was already evening by then.There was a festive atmosphere at her house with all her aunts and uncles having come for the engagement and also to make preparations for the wedding.

Meanwhile Shetty had reached Kumta posing as a stand in driver for Aditya's permanent one.

Aditya called up Inchara

"Hi,this is Mr Software Engineer of a MNC speaking" he said.

"I am waiting for you here in the beach,can you come here?" he asked.

Now Inchara's father had become overtly worried about sending her out alone anywhere.So she took one of her friends and told him that they were going to buy some Mehendi.

"Why do you have go out for that,she alone can get it right" he asked.

"Dad pleassee,i am going" she said and as planned her friend took off in a different direction once out of the house.Carrying all those heavy lehengas in her two hands she reached the spot.

Aditya saw her and smiled.

They both came close to each other.

"You look nice today" he said.

"You dont look bad too"  she said and smiled.It was as though both knew why they were standing there.

"Inchara,i am sorry for what i have done to you,when you first chose Dhruv's company over me,instead of taking it professionally i took it a personal level,then misunderstandings kept happening,all this while i was trying to prove to you that i am no less than anyone,but never realised why actually i was doing it,
it was only when i came to know that Adiga was trying to kill you did i realise how much you really meant to me,the day you were in the hospital-i couldnt stop blaming myself for putting us through all this,but now i dont want to live in denial anymore Inchara,i have realised that i cant stay without you.." and before he could say anything else

"Is this the way you used to write your code in the company,u know more the lines more the dollar stuff" she asked chidingly


"You could have said it in short that you love me,isnt it?" she said and winked.

"Yeah i could have done that,but u know what i wont talk anymore",saying this he pulled her close to him and they both shared a passionate kiss,again with the setting sun in the background and a slight drizzle caressing them."I LOVE YOU,Inchara"he said finally .

Then they both walked to her house where they announced this decision of theirs to her father.The family was shocked for a while but were coaxed into acceptance by the couple.

Aditya had to leave back to Bangalore that night itself as he had an important meeting with his staff the next day.Shetty all this while was biding his time.

Inchara went to leave Aditya until his car.

"Adi,come back soon,i have to offer a 50 percent partnership in IHP also" she said and winked.They kissed again and Aditya sat in his car.
"Be careful ,and make sure the driver doesnt doze off when driving" she said.

Shetty replied "Dont worry Memsaab,i will make sure Sir reaches the destination safely" he said and smiled.

"Dont worry Inchara,i will call  you as soon as i reach" he said and the car sped away.

Near Sakleshpur Ghat,Shetty stopped the car on the pretext of a heated up engine.

"Sir,can you help me a bit in getting water from that nearby stream sir?,.i am not able to carry that heavy container alone he said.Aditya readily agreed and as they approached the stream,Shetty took out his 0.3mm rifle and pointed it towards Aditya.

Aditya was confused."I am sorry sir" and there was the first gunshot on Aditya's leg.Shetty was doing it the exact same way as Jay had ordered him to.First the leg,then the heart and finally the head.

Aditya pleaded with Shetty

"Please leave me,you saw that girl right,i am going to marry her,i want to be with her,pleaseeee!!" he pleaded,i am have my parents to look after also,please sir,leave me "

But no amount of pleading would melt the professional shooter's heart.He took a second shot,this time to the heart.A sudden flood of memories came rushing back to Aditya,all his childhood days,his parents,college friends,his first job,Inchara,the ego trip and finally the kiss,

Shetty took one final shot-THE GUITAR HAD FALLEN SILENT


  1. I have no words! This is some brilliant writing :)

    I know you'll get a lot of criticism for ending it the way you did, but kudos!

  2. Thanks PJ,i felt this could be a logical ending,i may be wrong as well