Sunday, July 11, 2010

FEELINGS III - The Finale Part II(The Alternate Ending)

Ok this is an alternate ending to the finale.I will start off from the point where i have said Shetty was in disguise as Aditya's driver.

Aditya called Inchara.

He dint know what to talk when she picked up.

Inchara said "hello" a couple of times before Aditya could get the gumption to talk to her.

"Hi Inchara,how are you?" he said.

She replied without her characteristic spunkiness "I am doing good"

"You are looking lovely in that dress you are wearing" 

"Huh,dress! how do you know what i am wearing?" she asked,slightly taken aback at once.

"I am standing right outside your house Inchara,can see through the window of your room"

She immediately saw outside and Aditya was standing there getting drenched in the rain.

Both looked at each other for a few seconds and exchanged silent glances.

Aditya then signalled to her that he was getting drenched in the rain and then whether  he could come in.Inchara, herself came out with a towel in hand and asked him to come in.Her father welcomed him in too.Later when rain had subsided to some extent they walked to the beach and sat for a while reminiscing the start of their journey.

All of a sudden Inchara asked him bluntly "What are you doing here Aditya?"

"I just came to see my grandmom Inchara,had heard she was not well" he said, still not able to talk it out .
"Your grandmom is fine,we had gone just today morning to get a few utensils from her",she said.

"Tell me the actual reason now Aditya" 

"I came here for you Inchara" he said all of a sudden grabbing her hand.

"I tried to think of you in all other roles Inchara,as a friend,as an enemy,as a nobody in my life,but i realised i had fallen for you Inchara,that dream,that dream still haunts me Inchara"

"Which dream?"

"The one where i saw you all battered and bruised,i couldnt see u like that, i realised what havoc i was bringing on us"

Inchara was speechless for a moment.Just then the drizzle resumed and after a few minutes there was a heavy downpour.Aditya who was standing till then came and collapsed in the palms of Inchara.

"I Love You Inchara,this is the true feeling i have towards you,i cant live without you,it was hell without you not by my side,i dont want to let go of you now!!" 

"And when you had?" she asked

"What do you mean?"

"You left IHP just like that Aditya,we could have easily sorted this out,but u went off in an instant,how can i now trust you Aditya?" she questioned again.

"I felt that you thought Dhruv was better than me to expand your business,i took it personally,i was naive i agree,but please give me a chance Inchara"

"I was also naive by taking a unilateral decision,but at that time i felt he was right for us to expand in the north,but the equation with him was different Aditya, how could you compare yourself with him?,wasnt ours a more personal one,how could you think that i would sideline you?"

"Tomorrow you may again feel the same for some or the other thing and you might again leave me,i dont want that kind of instability in my life ,atleast now after all i have been through,i cant take that risk again Aditya" she said,letting go his hand and walking a bit distant from him.

"Inchara,i am sorry for all that,but please give me another chance" he asked repeatedly.

Wiping off tears from her face and not able to see him ,"I need some time Aditya" she said and walked away.

"But your engagement is tomorrow for God sake" he screamed.
She continued to walk away.He waited till night outside her house but she kept on ignoring him.Having lost all hope,Aditya walked away and sat in his car.In an impulse he asked the driver to drive away to Bangalore.

Through the entire route he kept thinking about her,imagining- her sitting next to him,clutching his hands tightly she asked -  can we survive among these sharks Aditya? He was caressing her cheeks lightly and said "we will survive somehow Inchara and held her hand even more tightly as she rested on his shoulders.

A sudden brake by the driver in the Sakleshpur ghat brought him out of this hallucination.
"Sir,sir " Shetty in the guise of the driver repeated.

"Yes what happened?" Aditya asked still not completely out of the hallucination.

"Sir i think the engine has heated up,we will have to get water from that stream,can you lend me a hand" he asked.

Aditya accompanied him to the stream.Suddenly Shetty took out his 0.3 mm and shot him in the leg,
Aditya pleaded to him to leave him and as he was doing this he was trying to reach out to the sharp pointed broken glass lying below.Shetty was preoccupied with Aditya's antics and as he was about to take the second shot ,Aditya leapt forward and punched the glass into his eye.SHetty screamed with pain and he couldnt hold on to the gun any longer.Aditya felt miserable for having done what he did,but he just threw the gun away and left Shetty to writhe in pain.

He somehow got a lorry on the road to help him reach the nearest hospital in Hassan.He had blanked out after that.

He only woke up the next evening,and it suddenly struck him that he was lying in some hospital,then he searched for his mobile,he also thought that by now Inchara would have been engaged,why hadnt she called,dint he mean anything to her?there were missed calls but only from his home and some of his team members.

His parents had got the news and had come to the hospital.After talking briefly for a while,the doctor told that his leg would have to be dressed now and asked them to wait outside.As Aditya was taking a tablet,

"Someone ordered a nurse" came a voice.

Aditya looked up and smiled- The GUITAR WAS NOW PLAYING WITH FULL FORCE


  1. Sooper maga.. one such brilliant writing tat kept its wrapo from start to end, I liked this ending than the other though the other one seemed different from always happy ending stories.. may be tats jus a personal opinion. All in all a nice Post. :) cheers..!!

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