Friday, May 6, 2011


Aditya was sitting in his plush seaside facing office,looking at the waves coming and threatening the landmass at frequent intervals.How insignificant all of man's creations looked before the might of nature!. Aditya had been married for 2 years now with Anuradha.. Theirs was a love marriage and life was going on beautifully for both of them and their families.

Aditya was the Senior Portfolio Manager of the newly formed Bhalwa and Bros Financials Ltd with its clients in Telecom,Infrastructure and Logistics Industries. He was living his dream of grandeur.Though his father had warned him against joining a company whose founder had risen to fame and wealth in a matter of couple of years,Aditya thought that it might have been a result of the founder's hardwork for a lot of years. Anuradha was a freelancer working as a Creative Consultant in many of the Mumbai's famed advertising firms.

March 12th-2010 - There were rumblings of a scam in the central government.There were chances of the central government falling too. 2G had become a buzz word on every news channel,newspaper as well as the common man's lips. Losses to the tune of lakhs of crores were being floated by just about everybody.The public was fuming with anger and were just waiting for someone's name to come out in the scam whom they could punish with their bare hands.

Shahi Balwa , Aditya's boss called him to his chamber. There was a worried look on Shahi. He asked Aditya to sit down and have a glass of water.

Shahi : " Aditya,you have been one my of most trusted and most efficient executives,but what i am going to share with you now has to remain between us,ok?? "

Aditya : " Sure sir,though i need to tell you that you look very stressed out today"

Shahi : " Thanks for the concern,anyway i hope you have been following the news about the 2G scam and mist have seen that people in Swan Telecom have also been nabbed by the CBI for this.The Supreme Court has taken this case in its own hands now"

Aditya : " Yes sir i have heard,i feel its good that the highest court of the land has taken  this up now,the guilty will be punished "

Shahi : (smiled) " Well thats what i wanted to speak to you about,our portfolio on Swan, you are handling it right? "

Aditya : " Yes sir,i am ,what about it?"

Shahi : (looking at him straight): " Lose those documents,all of them ,anything related to Swan,lose them"

Aditya : (was in a shock) : "I am sorry sir,what do you mean by asking me to lose them all??"

Shahi : " I am meaning exactly what i am asking you to do,lose those files,We were never in any relationship with any Swan Telecom,do you get me? "" he asked belligerantly thumping his desk.

Aditya dint know how to react.He wasnt able to comprehend the situation. He came back to his desk and sat with his face covered in his palms,How he wished Anuradha was there right next to him!! He dint know what he had gotten into.His father's warning echoed in his head. Should he have paid heed to his old man's words?.

He asked his audit team to get all the files related to Swan. He looked into each of those files in detail like he had never seen before,He hadnt bothered to see the source and application of funds of Swan as he had believed he had a super efficient team under him.

He was shocked to see some of the information in those files.This was plain cheating what they were doing to the country.All his teachings on honesty that his dad had given him came rushing back.He dint know that he had done such a disservice to the country.He thought for some time.All his loved ones faces ran through his mind, the eyes of anuradha(oh! those eyes), the caress of his mother on his head, dad forcing him to sit and go through ethics documents one after the other. Strengthening his resolve,he headed straight into Shahi's chamber.

Shahi : "What is it Aditya?"
Aditya : " Sir,some of the information in these are explosive, i dont know how we missed it!"
Shahi : " You are our Portfolio Head arent you,whom do you think the blame should be laid on?"(with a menacing smile)
Aditya : "Sir , you were the one who asked me to let Areef ,your nephew to handle Swan's portfolio,so that he quickly learns the ropes of this business,you cant lay blame on me sir,i dont think we can lose these documents sir,we cant do a disservice to the nation like this"

Shahi : " I am afraid , you would be doing a great disservice to yourself then Aditya, there are a lot of powerful people involved here and well no one is going to hole Areef accountable,you are his boss arent you?"

Aditya wouldnt listen and went  back to this office in a puff.He knew he had landed himself in a huge mess!

That very evening .....................................

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