Thursday, March 12, 2009

Season 1 Episode 3

For his good luck it seemed that the conductor almost looked through him.It seemed he could not remember who he was.But for Rahul the case or the conductor was least of his worries.He was thinking of his last 10 days of college life and his girlfriend Sheetal Bhakshi.He dint how it would be possible for him to continue with the relationship.

Everytime he imagined some sort of a future with her he could sense something inside in his head echo with his relatives small talk about one of his aunt's daughter who had married someone from another caste and their constant jibbing about them.

He had always been on the right side of the
society acceptednorms-goodacademics,cultured,caretaker,responsible etc.Now he was not ready to go against his own outer image.Last day of college soon approached and he was bidding goodbye to all his friends.As he stood near the gulmohar tree in the college ground with the old leaves lying around him and colourful leaves above,he thought of the first time he had met Sheetal in the exact same place.

They had met as strangers and they had to separate like that.She came.As he looked into her eyes,he could not believe he could not look at them again.She asked him as to what was wrong with him.But instead of learning the real reason she assumed that he was sad because he would not be able to meet his best buddies in college as regularly as before.She even went to the extent of saying that she would make sure that the guys would be meeting up regularly.

He dint want to break the sweet girl's heart by telling her that it was the last time they would be meeting.Holding her hand he said he could just mutter out "I hope i can meet you atleast more than the times i meet my other friends".She sensed something wrong.Rahul had never talked formally with her before.Before she could ask,he said he had to leave for his home as some relatives were coming by.

Before he went out of the college gate he could not help but look back at her lovely face once more.She stood there looking at him with a face that only illuminated of her love for him.He controlled himself and climbed the bus to his home.As was his regular habit,he immediately plugged into FM Radio 94.3 in the mobile.As though by coincidence but aptly "Ghajini's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi" was playing.

He had heard it umpteen times before but now the song meant more than just Rahman's soulful sound.As the song played on he could imagine the time he had spent with her.Since the time he had met her his viewpoint regarding various things had changed.The night sky had changed from starry to romantic,candles meant love and not just light.He knew he was punishing himself by letting go of her but dint how to do this.He remembered the time she sent message after message to ask how he was feeling after the bus conductor fiasco.

As the various scenes flashed through he realised his stop had come and got down.Just then his mobile beeped.It was a message from Sheetal "Dont forget me" was written.
His hands trembled.This was the toughest test he was facing till then.Relationships had got more complicated than any of the complicated formula he had studied in his engineering.

As he walked past the park he saw Rajat and Varun with their respective girlfriends enjoy the evening near the park fountain.He dint know why only the rich got all they wanted without trying too hard and he had to adhere to all the society rules.Even Venkatesh's "Chokras" could talk to any girl with the people passing bye not even turning a eye."Why Me GOD??".As it is the middle class had to face the wrath of the SYSTEM the most and now even their personal life had rules imposed on them.

If one love story was on the verge of breaking up another one was just starting.Shashwath had organised a protest in front of the police commissioner's office due to the inaction with regard to bringing the eve teasers of Sunaina to book in the last so many days.The police commissioner had finally admitted the F.I.R.Shashwath had brought a copy of that to Rao household.

Sunaina had always thought of Shashwath of as a jobless person,but what he was doing on behalf of her had forced her to look at him in a different perspective.As Shashwath was leaving to his home after having given the copy,Sunaina came out to thank him.He mumbled something and went away from there.He was extremely conscious when talking to girls.

The next day Venkatesh's goons stormed into Shashwath home and..............

To be continued.......

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