Saturday, March 14, 2009

Season 1 Episode 4

The goons barged in and one of them said that it would not be good if the complaint was not taken back.Just then M.Venkatesh entered the scene and was asking that fellow to calm down as if to show he was a fair person.He asked Shashwath to kindly take the complaint back.Anybody who met Venkatesh would have been fooled by his sugar sweet voice,his boyish looks and cool demeanour.Nobody knew of the monster lurking inside.

Next day as Shashwath was leaving for his college which he used to rarely attend,on his bike,Sunaina asked whether he could drop her as both their colleges were nearby.Shashwath had never had a girl sit on the backseat of his bike except for his mother.He showed a bit of reluctance but Sunaina said that she had an important test that day and therefore he finally agreed.There was a lot of traffic that day as one of the political party had organised a protest rally bang in the middle of the city.

Shashwath was really pissed off by this indifference of these political leaders for the common man.The more disturbing part was that they were not even apologetic after seeing the mess and chaos they had created.Somehow Shashwath managed to drop her in time.He also attended his college after 3 months since the last time.

Sunaina's friends had seen a boy dropping her and after the test they asked her that.Now she thought that if she said that he was her boyfriend she would atleast end the back slapping comments from her friends momentarily.She said that as well in reaction to which a lot of teenage talk happened.

She started asking drop from him daily and even he slowly started getting used to the idea of a girl on the backseat.One such day she suggested that they have a coffee together in Cafe Coffee Day.He resisted.Why to go there? he asked.For him the people inside these stylish glass houses lived in their own castles far away from reality.He felt uncomfortable within such atmospheres.Sunaina was different.These were places to hang out with friends,have fun and live life.

Finally it was the girl's call.She even promised to pay for it.When the coffees arrived at the table,Shashwath as was his habit of drinking tea/coffee fast gulped the entire drink at a stretch.Sunaina was enjoying was enjoying each sip when she noticed that he had finished fast and was sitting there waiting for her to finish fast.He wanted to get out of there while she just wanted company.

She then ordered something to eat but even in that he was over with in lightning speed."You are always this fast or today something special?"she quipped.Shashwath was an impatient person and around girls he used to be shy also.He waited till she finished hers but all the time just giving her a reminder that he was getting late.

As he was dropping Sunaina near her college gate her friends talked to him as they would with their other friend's boyfriends.He was not getting a hang of what they were meaning but Sunaina managed to send him away."He doesnt speak much,does he" asked one of her friends.She just smiled and tried to divert the attention to something else.

As Shashwath and Sunaina grew a bit more friendly she asked him as to why he used to dress like an old politician.He asked as to why she was bothered about that."You dont respect others opinions only,you are so resistant to change"she said.He replied back "if i change my every trait for each and every person,then what would be left of me?".That struck a chord with her.She realised her childishness in trying to copy the trend.

She also dint want to change because it was the "in" thing but now she still had 2 years in college and for that to go smoothly she dint want to flip flop on this.So the status quo continued.

March 11th 2009:Dawn 4.00 am
Some bags were being offloaded from a truck near ShivajiNagar.The BOMBS were ready and the BOMBERS were even more.The plan was of massive simultaneous serial blasts in the crowded markets of Bangalore.Teams were divided and the plan was being reaffirmed.One team left to City market,one to Malleswaram,one to Basavangudi,One to Yeshwantpur and another to M.G.Road.

This was the sleeper cell of Jung-E-Farat which had become active after months of training and recceing.However this was being used as a diversionary tactic for their ultimate goal of entering Vidhan Soudha and holding the state and country to ransom.Rajat and Varun were about to go together for another audition in Varun's father' car.Varun' father was a government employee and was a highly corrupt officer.His vehicle had the green pass which allowed the car to enter right upto the main entrance as he was a high ranking officer.Through all their sources the fidayeens had come to know of this.

The terrorists had also taken into confidence an inside person in the Vidhan Soudha to keep all the necessary equipment ready,enter them away from the prying security eyes.Everything was perfectly planned including who would join them once they were inside.Two men approaching as Bank Insurance agents had approached Varun's father some days before and had asked his appointment in the morning of march 11th.

They came that morning to the house and asked whether they could go along with him in the car.Varun's father knew that if this contract was made his pockets would be refilled to a large extent.He greedily agreed.But he said that on the way he had to drop of certain documents in Soudha.

9.30 a.m: Bombs were in place.Everything was set.Bomb Blasts had to happen just as the car entered near the Vidhan Soudha security gate.Mobiles were the triggering device.As Rajat and Varun sat inside the car which was jampacked due to the new guests,there was insufficient place.They somehow adjusted and the car sped away.

10 a.m:As the car stood for checking,a mobile button was pressed and......

To be continued.......

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