Saturday, March 7, 2009

Season 1 Episode 2

There was a park in Shanti Nagar in which there was a room built.It was declared as a library when the park was planned out by the BBMP.But a local corporator M.Venkatesh and his goons were running it as a gymnasium by the day and a brothel by the night.

The goons used to eve tease the girls taking a walk there during the evening.Sunaina had gone there one evening and was taking a walk along with one of her college friend who had come to her house.Sunaina was wearing a pink skirt and this seemed enticing enough to the testerone heavy goons of Venkatesh.

One of them try to rub up against her when the girls were passing by.This brazen act continued with another one of them joining and trying to pull the skirt of Sunaina.She cried out and this led to a horde of people of gathering.One of the elderly rebuked the boys and escorted the girls back to Sunaina's home.

The other people knew of the power of those goons and went away silently not realising that their daughters or wives would be in the same position one day.Nobody dared to voice their opinion against the goons because of the "connections" and the power they had.

Sunaina's father was extremely angry and decided it was time to take some action.He decided that he would lodge a complaint with the local police station.However the Superintendent there was also hand in glove with M.Venkatesh.He took the complaint but no action was taken in the following days.However some of the people had begun to talk in hushed tones that it was not right for a girl to walk in skirts in that park knowing that goondas stayed there.

Some even had gone to the extent to say that she might have gone there on purpose to seek attention.Sunaina's parents had made sure that she dint get to listen all this as they knew she was a very sensitive girl and she may take it wrongly.Though Shashwath had strong dislike for Sunaina he went along with Sunaina's father to the corporator's home but he dint ask them to sit as they were not "powerful".

Sunaina's father was feeling helpless.The association meeting happened and all took an unanimous decision to restore the room in the park to a library.They sent a memorandum to the BBMP but empty promises were many but again nothing happened.Soon the fracas was forgotten by everyone else but the scars for Sunaina and her family dint go away.

Neha was a pillar of support for Sunaina and she dropped Sunaina to college everyday as Sunaina dint have the spirit to go alone.Neha was not feeling right about the inaction by the authorities.She decided to take the media route.She contacted one of her contacts in TV9 and compelled them to air a program about this issue.

However the channel aired the program in such a manner that Sunaina's character was also doubted.Sunaina's parents had started getting calls from their relatives and the usual mocking and cynical questions followed.They could not take it and they were angry with Neha and Sunaina for having done this without their knowledge.Sunaina's father wept and asked Neha to leave them alone.

Rajat was told about this episode but as always he was lost in his own world.He and his friend Varun had auditioned jointly for the role and the results were about to put up in a few days.In the mean time they had gone partying to a pub.Neha had also come along with her friends.Some of her friends were drinking.Rajat saw this.Although he used to act all cool and never had any biases about girls going to pubs and all,he went over to Neha and asked "Hey dont drink yaar,you know girls...i mean girls drinking doesnt look right you know??"

Neha looked with a puzzled face.It was a surprise as the "cool" Rajat could ask this.Although she did not drink she found Rajat a hypocrite.She dint know why girls having their share of fun was looked through a tinted glass.She thought about it on her way back home.

Meanwhile Shashwath had convinced Rahul to lodge a complaint against the bus conductor.Two days later Rahul climbed a bus back to his home from college.To his surprise it was the same conductor!! They looked at each other and ...

To be continued......

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