Thursday, March 5, 2009

SEASON 1-Episode 1

"Bhaiyyo aur Behno,We are the change you have been looking for,we are a party with a difference,we are for the aam admi".Shashwath woke up with a thud.He still remembered the leader's words during a rally held in his college grounds.He was so impressed by the oratory skills of the leader that he had decided to join the party as a member of the youth division of the party.It was 3 years ago.He was beginning to realise the purposelessness.

He had been fooled as had the billions of other aam admi by the false promises.He did not believe in the party idealogy any more as the party itself was not following it.Realising the selfishness of the leaders he wondered whether not giving priority to his studies,being smirked at by society and not even enjoying the work, was worth it.

Just then he heard his father speaking to his mother in the other room about his doomed career.His father was an honest government lower level official.He could hear his father say that he was humiliated when his friends talk about their children who were software engineers or doctors and their six-figure salaries and how he could not proudly talk about his son.

In the morning Sunaina came to ask for milk to his home.They both used to not like each other as he was everything she was not looking for in a boy and she was just a girl who was pretty with no brains for him.They had not bothered to understand each other.Plus her indifference about the society only angered him.

Sunaina gave him a twisted face look and went away from there.He could not believe how could the other youngsters only think about themselves and nothing about the society.He dint like this lackadaisical attitude but what could he do,he was swimming against the tide.

Sunaina on the other hand did not know where her life was going,not that she cared.Valentines day was approaching and she dint have a boyfriend to show off in her Girls-only college.It was the norm and she was feeling the peer pressure.

But she dint want to fall in love with some random guy,but wanted to have the kind of love shown in SRK movies.She was a huge fan of his.Her parents were highly learned people and she being the only child to them wanted her to go for higher studies but Sunaina just wanted to get out of the student mode.

Rahul was packing his bag for college.He was in the final semester of engineering.Everything was going right for this son of a bank manager.He had a rocking career, a dream job and thinking of going abroad for his further studies,a sweet girlfriend about whom he had not told his ultra conservative parents(although they had doubted why his mobile used to vibrate so frequently during the night hours.)

He climbed the bus to college.The conductor took the 10 rupee note for the ticket of 8 rupees,he wrote "2 to give" on the back of the ticket.Rahul then saw the conductor giving change to other people.When he confronted the conductor,the latter abused him with the dirtiest of language.

The conductor said he knew the youth have hot blood and spend their father's money on drinks and cigarettes.Rahul could not take this abuse and retorted back.The recalcitrant conductor virtually threw Rahul out from the slow speed running bus and threw the 2 rupee coin on his face and the bus drove away.

With his shirt all messed up and pant slightly torn he could not believe a person who was right could be treated like this,let alone how a human being could treat another!!He decided to go back to his home.On the way back he met Rajat.He was all decked up with a swanky shirt and torn jeans.He was auditioning for a role of a youngster in a new tv serial.

The casting directors had come to his acting school for the auditions.When Rahul told what had happened to him,Rajat carelessly asked as to why he had to take panga with the conductor for two rupees.

"This is India dude,you have to adjust!!,you are not James Bond man!!" was the answer.This was typical of Rajat.He told this and went away from there.When he reached the gate Neha was leaving for her Arts college.She told that he could go to the "always free" Shashwath and ask his help whether they could lodge any complaint against the conductor.Rahul said that all this drivers and conductors have a powerful lobby and he did not want to invite trouble for his family.

Neha advised him to not tell about this incident to his best friend Shashwath as he would force him to lodge a complaint.Rahul then went to his house and was nursed by his very angry mother.


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