Monday, March 2, 2009

Diaries of a Common Man-A New Revolution

Welcome to the life of the AAM ADMI. We are a funny bunch of people.We are the hardest working people and take the oppression imposed on us by well "funny" politicians with the phrase "Thoda Adjust karo".10 people sit on a bench meant for 2.We drive through potholes on roads never once asking for accountability for the taxes we pay.We have big dreams,big aspirations but dont want others to have the same.We go green with envy when someone else from our society buys a new car.

We want the surroundings clean but only in front of our houses.Other people can go take a hike.We think a lot before helping anybody-"What favor can i ask in return?".We spit,shit and do all other dirty work but get hyper critical when we see others do the same.Sometimes i dont know whether the rules were meant to follow or break.We worship our cricketers like demi-gods but then hate them as devils when they lose two matches on a trot.

We buy things not according to our need but just to show to the society that even we are there in the league.We are the worst behaving people when we travel abroad and are the worst hosts too.We sometimes walk for 5 kms just to save a rupee but dont mind spending obnoxiously on our weddings.We dont mind having slums in our neighbours but yell our lungs out when a foreigner makes a film on it.

We are all this and more,we have more negative qualities than any stupid blogger can write but you know what we are the Great Indian Middle Class. We are 700 million strong,independent minded.We face all the obstacles which most in the world dont face and yet are LIVING.

Welcome to the Diaries of a Common Man.Welcome to Shanti Nagar.This area's people face the same adverseries that many of us face.But then they took destiny into their own hands.This movement was started by the youth of the area and that resulted in a chain reaction.

Well let me introduce the main characters of Shanti Nagar:
Shashwath Nigam: The boy with the most vocal political voice.All he cares about are the injustices that the people face.He was a rebel and an anti-establishment kind of person.But he was very poor at academics and had become a figure of ridicule in the area and his relatives.Everyone looked down upon him as a fakir with a 3rd rate hobby of politics and his dhoti-kurta style only emphasized that.Although he used to help out the elderly and the women with their troubles his status did not change.He wanted to get into politics and bring about a change.But only he believed in his dream.He belonged to the old school of boys.

Rahul Jaiswal: The blue-eyed boy of Shanti Nagar.He was a topper in studies and a fantastic athlete as well.All the mothers who were due to give birth wished their children to grow up as an allrounder like him.Where there is praise there is envy as well,so some of them even secretly wished that he could no longer be at the pedestal of success.Everything was going right for him.
He wanted to go abroad for his further studies.

Neha Malhotra: The dream girl of the Shanti Nagar boys.Her dressing style had become quite a rage among the girls both in her college and Shanti Nagar.The boys used to try out various ways to flirt with her but Neha was conservative in the core.She liked to have fun but by not crossing the boundaries.She was fairly good at studies but was more good at designing dresses.She wanted to be a fashion designer but her orthodox parents did not want her to get lost in the maya jaal of the fashion world.

Sunaina Rao: She was the average Jane.She was waiting for her dream man to come to her.She was a hopeless romantic.Also a sentimental cry baby-crying at the smallest of remarks or retribution.She was a dreamer and her dreams did not go beyond Mills and Boon type romantic thoughts.Academics was of last priority to her and her parents were always giving the example of Neha and how she was not a patch on her.

Rajat Patel: He wanted to be an actor.He was from one of the richer families of Shanti Nagar.If you ask him he would not even know the Prime Minister of India but would know the name of the assistant director of even a B-grade movie.Such was his prowess in the knowledge of entertainment business.He was trying to get a break in one of the roles of a new Tv serial. He was a floater,always minding his own business and acting dumb about the rest.

This was what they were but what they became and their journey to this will be told in the coming parts.Come join me in their journey of destiny.


  1. What's Your Rashi?? will continued at a later date.Hope you enjoy the Diaries!

  2. dude you bring out a book soon or else i ll get your articles published in my name

  3. yappa... .that slumdog comment is cool-e:) awesome work man.... I'll sponsor your book and your serial !!!! :) we shud sit down to discuss partnership