Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WHAT'S YOUR RASHI??-- 7 days 7 parts.

Name:Jatin Desai Age:21 Zodiac Sign:Gemini


FEB 15th:Day of the lunar eclipse:the day when most astrologers come out with their predictions of the future for all the "rashis".I was eagerly waiting for my future,rather the probability of my future.For 10 minutes my future lay in some stranger's hands who was racketing out everyone's future as though he had a special communication with GOD above.He had become GOD's avatar on land for us mortals.
After 3 signs came mine.I wanted to know how my future was going to be for that week.I was having an intercollege fest that week and was participating in two events.Since i was a blind believer in astrology i was keen for that week's outlook.After the customary touching of ears and praying for a moment the Dharma specialist told this

"People belonging to this rashi have to be careful this week.Specially people in love or falling in love,there is a chance of being fooled or frauded.Trouble may come from any known or unknown direction.Be extremely careful.It can be life changing.Nothing is what it looks like.Be careful"
he ringed repeatedly.

"Huh!!" I mean what the f*#@.So much about a topic i was not thinking about it then and so less about what i was thinking about.

Anyways i had to leave to the fest that evening for reporting at that place.

I was to go alone from Bangalore while the rest of the college gang were coming by bus from Mysore.I left at 5 in the evening by bus as we had to report by 8.30 in the night at SBMJC the host college.I dint know where exactly the college was located.I asked for directions from one of the fellas who had already reached there.What he told was a long route but that was the only route from Mysore side.But from Bangalore it was 40 km far.Since i dint know the exact location i followed the route told.I landed up in Ramnagaram thinking it was there.

After questioning some locals about the college i drew a blank.Then took an auto to Ramnagaram circle.I again called and my friend said it was in Kanakapura.There was a remote road to it.It was dark and there was no trace of people.To my luck there was a goods vehicle going in that direction.I asked for a drop and the man inside readily agreed.During the 30 km journey from Ramnagaram to Kanakapura we passed through a jungle area.

It was already 8 in the night and it was densely dark outside.This is the time when all the horror films you had watched in the computer come to haunt you.It was him and me.I was afraid to even take out the mobile thinking he might snatch that from me and desert me there.After a while it rang-"humma humma" one of the great ARR's tracks.He took his phone out which to my surprise was a high end one.I was embarrassed to take my mid-range one out.We talked a lot during the entire journey.He said he was a silk carrier from Kanakapura to Ramnagaram.His name was Rahim Khan.

I always had a negative opinion about muslims till then.The reason was hours of breaking news television.I became even more skeptical.15 km to go still and no sight of any houses.

5km to go: i was apprehensive that he may demand a lot of money for this drop.After reaching Kanakapura he said that SBMJC was still 12 km outside town.I asked whether he could only drop but he resented.He asked 15 rupees for the trip and waited until i got a biker to drop me.
My entire perception changed then and there.He was so kind.He not only took a nominal amount but also was caring enough to wait till i got someone to drop me.I had opened one of the doors in my zeolistic mindset.

Now the biker was a Mantri Apartments maintainence man.He was a Kanakapura resident but was called in the night as there was some problem in the Domlur site.He had graciously agreed to drop me.He was Ramesh Gowda.Now i had a major grouse with Gowdas.To my ignorant mind most of them were either rotten politicians or local hooligans.I was wrong again.He talked along the route with his spit flying out,some of them falling on me.I had to repeatedly wipe it.

He dropped me and dint ask a single pie.What a relief?Two notions both gone bust.I was seeing the world outside my little cacoon.Finally after changing 4 vehicles i reached the gate but the guard did not allow me in.He asked for my identity card but it was with my friend who had already gone inside.I called him up and asked him to come to the gate.As i waited restlessly i saw buses with students from different engineering colleges from all corners of Karnataka pass through.Students peeking out of the windows looked at me with suspicious scorn.

Finally my friend arrived and to my utter dismay we had to again walk 2 km to reach the place where we were allocated rooms to stay in.The campus was huge and beautiful.As i lay in my bed fully tired i was called for dinner.The entry in the dinner coupon was punched and i was let in.There was a sea of people in that shamiana.Infinite possibilities existed.There was a host of beautiful girls mingling with ok-ok boys.

After dinner i contemplated over the astrologer's words.I had to be "careful".I dint know when i fell asleep.

PS:Nothing is what it looks like came true that day.

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