Wednesday, February 11, 2009


First of all, look at this face,such a innocent face,ah!!the folded hands-shows his determination for "JAN SEVA",so what if he has a few goondas backing him,so what if he transfers honest police officers out of his constituency,so what if his goons beat up teachers in schools for not having supported him during election,no one can question his devotion to money,oh!! sorry his constituency.He does it for "JANARA HITA DHRISHTI".

Everybody who has been watching news or reading the newspapers for the last two weeks will have surely come across this champion of Indian democracy named YELLAPPA SAMPANGI.
The sudden raid by the Lok Ayukta headed by an upper caste person while YELLAPPA SAMPANGI was helping a person named Farooque as any other of our honest politicians do was abominable.
This was yet another example of upper caste oppression or thats what his followers thought.The sudden raid not only raised flutters among the "honest" politicians but also resulted in Sampangi being admitted in 3 hospitals with multiple aches in head,stomach,back and several other places.He was so "hurt" by this act that he was not even able to attend the court due to this.Papaa!!

Was this needed?What did the Lok Ayukta gain from having raided a "honest"politician?Nothing.
What was his fault after all?He was caught accepting 5 lakhs as bribe.This accusation is completely baseless.What he was infact doing was taking the money to help fasten the solution to the problem of Farooque.He knew he would have to give money to the concerned police officers to drop the wrong case which was put up against Farooque.WAS IT WRONG?? I mean would any of us not do the same thing?When we are caught driving our vehicle without the helmet or license,when we do not pay the shopkeeper the VAT tax in order to save those few rupees which otherwise would have filled government coffers.

So what was wrong in Sampangi doing it.(BTW for people who would not given a look to the photo or the news item of the person above,he is BJP MLA from the reserved constituency of Kolar.)
Sampangi thought he was the champion of the dalits.It is politicians like him who have brought about prosperity to the supposed lower class people by championing causes like RESERVATION
in prestigious institutions like IITs and IIMs,alas there are not enough of them eligible for it.

He has taught the poor,uneducated people that they now need to stand up for their rights and the only way to do this is to build up their bodies,talk in a rude way,in short transform oneself to goondas and snatch what is rightfully theirs from the ruthless upwardly mobile people.
What a great "honest" politician!! Such people instead of being hailed , are lampooned in the media.

They ask "Did he not have a soul to accept the bribe,was he not under the people' oath?"
Who are these people to question the "honest" public servant?Ask the same questions to the youth of our nation,the so called modern,liberal youth who are more concerned about protecting their drinking,pubbing rights and championing alcohol as though it was the best thing to have happened to our INDIA SHINING,who dont bother to be responsible enough not to drive while drunk,who are only bothered about a minor rodent called MUTHALIK,why?? because he encroached upon their "SPACE".

So what if Kumaraswamy's son drinks and goes on a rampage in a hotel.So what??
Do any of us care a damn.Y.SAMPANGI is a honorary politician.He simple represents our society.For those people belonging to the middle class and upper classes who believe that they are safely cacooned from the wrath of the "SYSTEM".Wake up!!!For everyday you wont have "honest" politicians like Y.SAMPANGI saving the day for you.

PS: For people who read this blog,if you are honestly an Indian leave a comment here instead of passing it as just another blog.It will be treated as a signature.Who knows if we can make this a movement,we can root out "honest Bas#@#" like Y.SAMPANGI.Come on its time we take matters into our hands,else there wont be a country left to save!!


  1. Well...well... Vijeth,you got it damn right man!
    Sampangi is jus a mere example of the diluted approach of BJP governance towards curbin corruption.Yedyurappa,our Hon'ble CM promised to give more powers to Lok Ayukta b4 elections.But wat happened to the promise?!Perhaps,Yedyurappa cud only answer that(if he remembers it rite!).Poor Lok ayukta work days n nights to trap the corrupt officials and find themselves in a pitiful position where they wait for the mercy of the governing bodies to try the culprits.This raises a serious question in the minds of common man-Is Lok Ayukta jus governmental body where the authority is delagated?!The powers of lok ayukta has been suppressed.They are like toothless tigers.Until n unless,the government gives more independence n authority to Lok Ayukta,i see this tiger cud only bite but there'll be no pain or gain.I really wonder at the fate of our ppl... heres a proven culprit... and u need to wait for the permission of the government to try him?!I doubt whether the statement of democracy is redefined..."government of the corrupt, by the corrupt, for the corrupt"!

    By the time the government decides... perhaps ppl like Sampangi will be reincarnated!!!

  2. so what if kumaraswamy can have extra marital affairs. he is still our hero. they are fooling us right in front of our eyes and we are getting fooled. thats all happening

  3. Good one Vijeth.I wanted to see a more serious blog flashing lights on the issues with significance and you have come up with it aptly.

    Well,just like any other scandal, this will be forgotten. Media has loads of other things to cover.After all how much did he ask for?:P mere 5 lakhs???? aaj kal ke zamaane mein karondon(in crores) mein baat hoti hain.Look at Satyam saga(ironically even it is loosing its significance in the midst of counter moral policing by media),no place for these bachcha lakhpati's:P "sampangi" or "kamanagi" all will be lost in the span of time.