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At the outset i would like to thank all the people who have knowingly or unknowingly given a lot of material on which i can splurge my creativity and imagination.I dont know what genre this story would be classified under because frankly i am as confused as my lead protagonist Aditya.Why i chose this name?Because i have always been in love with dynamism,symbols which denote the same.I wanted the name to be "Fire" but dont know whether the character i am writing would imbibe these.The girl's character would be Inchara.As the name suggests the girl is pretty,beautiful ,independent minded,ambitious with a strong conviction.I have loved imagining this character and the various facets of her personality.Hopefully i would be able to bring it into written words.

The faces of both the characters would be left to the imagination of the readers.Fill in the faces u want to and hope you enjoy reading it.

SO here goes


The time was ticking in his watch.The seconds hand moved closer to 9,the hour hand moved closer to 5.He was sitting in a reclined position in his Cavalier office chair whose back he could not fix to make it straight.His manager might have thought that the guy was wasted.As he reclined back and looked at the textured ceiling overhead, he saw the Emergency Exit board above him.His heart asked him to follow the instruction,mind said "wait,not yet".Two years back he had joined work ,after completion of his engineering degree with full enthusiasm hoping to do some great work and make a name for himself.

Reality was that work was coming to him either in flood or drought and he was unhappy of the inconsistency.He felt that his brain was not being used much to do the mundane job any degree passout would be able to do.His life had become shallow,less contact with friends,relatives,basically having lesser time for himself and having lost the desire in everything.He was going more and more towards mental bankruptcy.

Situation had come to such a pass that he was not even completing the sentences he had started.Same office,same colleagues,the sameness was killing him - Aditya who loved change everyday.

That day as he sat there he felt blank as though there was a huge void which had to filled.He decided that enough was enough and packed his laptop bag and headed straight to his home.As he sat in the office cab looking out of the window ,there was a slight drizzle and in a particular stretch there were some agricultural fields which looked inviting and reminded him of his native.The smell of the ground due to the drizzle mesmerized him.It had been 6 years since his last visit.He thought that this was a good time to rejuvenate himself and get his priorities right.

So he decided to take two weeks off and visit his native ,the beautiful coastal town of Kumta.But first he had to talk his Dad into allowing him to go as he wouldnt appreciate such random decisions.Insincerity was one thing his dad hated in individuals and most certainly his own son.

Aditya hesitatingly asked "Papa,i want to go to Kumta and stay for two weeks with Ajji"

Dad suddenly raised his eye and asked "Why suddenly?dont u have office?"

"Yeah Papa but i am sick and tired of the same job ,the same computer,the same people,i want to get away from all this"

"Oh Really?Sunanda did you hear what your son is saying?hasnt worked fully for 2 years yet and he is already sick of it,what about us who have worked for 30 years in the same organisation?Your generation i tell u.anyways Adi if u really want to go,u are free to".

Making his mom agree was not a big task for him.He called up his sister and told her that he would be leaving to Kumta soon.Even she was surprised by the sudden urgency in the tone of her brother though she had realised that he was not in his elements for some time now.

Aditya packed all the necessary items,his guitar which he had nicknamed as Sanorita and left to Kumta by bus.


As soon as he reached the bus stand he could smell the smokes from the chimneys common in every home there.Fresh green vegetables was laid on the floor just next to the bus stand.The people there were in no hurry.Some of them were waking up from last nights "toddy" effect.There were Red stains everywhere and it seemed that Paan and not rice was their staple diet.Aditya climbed onto the bus that would take him to his grandma's place.

For a person used to living in AC the smell was unbearable.All along the routes he could see inclined roofs made of mangalore tiles,compounds made of green,thorny cactuses.It was as though the land had been swamped by greenery and this was more so because of the rains which had just set in.There were traces of tar here and there.He could see the sea at a distance.Fisherwomen wearing blouseless sarees(usually dull green ones) chewing paan,men sitting idle were soon throughout the 6 km distance.

He was welcomed as a grandchild would normally be.As was the tradition both coconut drink and butter milk were offered as options.

As he sat down on the cot he asked grandma to update all the going ons there.All he heard was about how a young girl had started off her own business there.She was apparently exporting the products to "FOREIGNA"(that was how it was called).The house had a few more visitors that day and most of them seemed to have been overawed by the BIJNESS that was started.

The next day intrigued by this,Aditya decided to go and meet the young girl who had started off her own business.Even though there was a slight drizzle Aditya decided to go anyway.

When he reached there he saw a person carrying a bag full of jackfruit chips packets to be loaded into a van.
"Anna where can i meet your boss"

"Akkavra?she is inside"

After multiple directions and misdirections he finally caught sight of the girl.Though her back was towards him.She was directing the various helpers on what to do and what not and was getting irritated when the things were not being done as she wanted them to.Aditya thought it was not a good time to disturb her.So he waited around and asked one of the helpers to inform "madam".

On being informed the girl turned back.

Initial description:

Height : 5 feet 5inch
Color :Wheatish
Hairstyle : Step-cut
And figure dainty as though she would collapse anytime.She was still wiping the sweat of her forehead.Prolonged standing the drizzle had meant her hair was still dripping water.And her dress was all messed up and looked as though the boss had become one with the labourers.

Aditya was somehow caught up with the whole process of the water droplets kissing her hair,flowing down smoothly and falling to the ground below.

"You wanted something?" she asked in an irritating manner almost ready to dismiss him.

"Yes he said" and .........................................


  1. Finally.. :) I again have something interesting to read.. Continue please...

  2. Hi maga :) :) Continue continue its got great potential :) but dont fll it with emotion man... Good job maga

  3. Aadi.. definitely needs a break from his monotonous life.What better place than captivating Kumta? Oops.. whats at the end of the post?Love again? That too in Kumta?! It seems that lot of people fall in love in Kumta... Is it the place or the people casting spell?!

    Good job,Vijeth.Lage raho...!!

  4. @Neha : thanks.The blog will be updated on every thursday night henceforth and you would be able to read it on friday morning(friday being a rest day for all the IT ppl ;) )

    @Thej : how can u write stories without emotion or less emotion?U only need to guide me.

    @Rohit. : Kumta is indeed magical. and yes u would fall in love there.atleast with nature if nothing else.