Sunday, January 25, 2009


It was my grandma.She requested us to go the temple and deliver some bags to my uncle who was a priest there.So Bhatta and me made our way up the 1001 algae laden steps to the temple on the hill top.I had almost forgotten the beauty that pervaded this place.All along the hills were neem and gulmohar trees intermittently covered with coconut trees.The dew on the leaves was still present even though it was approaching dusk.The green colour lay very symbolically before us and occupied the entire space as far as our radius of sight sent.When we reached the temple all the elements of nature were laid down as a feast for our eyes.On the left lay the arabian sea,on the right lay the mountains.

It was a huge difference for a guy from the 'oh-so' polluted city.As we were entering the main temple Divya was making her way out.Bhatta told that she used to come daily at this time.In that surrounding she looked like a Goddess.The white garland on her long locks,the carefully worn dress,the kumkum on her forehead,all created quite a stir in my mind.The bad memories of my previous experience were slowly being erased.She just smiled and went away.I wanted to talk with her,but her apparent indifference and Bhatta proved quite a hindrance.As she moved down the sound made by her sandals seemed like music."Was i losing myself in the maze called love again?".I dint know.

The n
ext day while talking to my granny i was proudly telling her how i had gotten myself involved in social work.I also told her how i had toiled hard during my holidays to prevent a local corrupt corporator from winning back during the BBMP elections by distributing pamphlets and all.Grandma said that Divya also was like me.She was leading a campaign to fight the corrupt DC as he was not sanctioning the amount from the NREGS(for the unknowledged it is-National Rural Employement Guarantee Scheme) to the local youth which they were rightfully entitled to.

To be frank,i did not think much of the intellectual capital of village girls, only thinking of them as obliging belles.I dint know frail and pretty looking Divya was so strongly opinionated.Grandma told that Divya was going to "INTERETTU"(in her own village tone,so funny but yet so different )to collect knowledge on this and send some petitions to some "DODDA SAYABRU"(big person).I felt relieved. All the lurking doubts disappeared from my minds.I felt fascinated by the multiple layers of personality in this girl.

So the next day in the evening i left Grandma home early(so that i could lose pesty Bhatta) to catch up with Divya in the temple.When i reached there she had not yet come.She did finally come.I acted as though i was unaware of her presence.Praying in total bhakti and putting kumkum on my forehead(such a religious boy nah!!;)).Our eyes met,her 20 watt smile blinded my eye for a moment,atleast it seemed so(all srk movies effect).We talked that day.So much that it seemed we had never really lost touch at all.

This continued for a couple of days.One day grandma sent me on a chore to the town.I longed to see Divya that day but had to wait till evening.In the evening Bhatta,Divya and me decided to go to the beach.We made our way to the thatched room we had built as kids near to the beach.I was overjoyed to see it still standing.Of the three i felt very close to this one.Bhatta told that i should thank Divya for this,as she had taken care of it all these years.She used to tell him that Jatin is very affectionate about this.I felt good inside."She did all this for me!!WOW!!".

We ventured out to the waters.Played a lot.As it was prime raining season that time there was a slight drizzle.The weather was very romantic but BHATTAAA. Fortunately Bhatta was called by the local coconut tree climber for some work.We two were left alone but now strangely both felt a tinge of shyness,a little odd,cant really describe what.

It started raining heavily(you have to really experience the coastal rain)and we could somehow run fast and find shelter in the thatched room.Both of us sat at a distance.The rain was unrelenting and slowly our conversation veered towards what Bhatta had told about her maintaining this room.The talk started having a romantic and a flirtatious tone.The distance reduced between us.At this age our minds do waver.Raindrops trickled down our faces.There was definite sexual tension as the soft talk proceeded.Now our faces were near and our lips more.In a moment of weakness we were about to kiss when i heard Bhatta call my name from outside.

There was a long pause,we had frozen.Not able to comprehend what had just happened ,we sat in a stoned silence.I could not react,what to tell,what to say.She sat there almost on the verge of crying.Although nothing had happened i was able to understand the importance girls give to such things."JATINN!!!" .I was blasted into my senses. I came out and.....


  1. awesome and gripping as always!!

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  3. Suppppperrrrrrrr! But,dont allow Jatin to reduce the distance too much. ;)

  4. @rohit

    ya i have taken care of that maga.Happy that u found it as good.Hope to continue to make it interesting for you people.Keep the support coming.

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  6. @Vijeth...

    well vijeth, you've got lot of admirers now... :) with in a few days or so... there will be Vijeth Fan Club for surely in Orkut!!!

    and about the "Feelings"... i meant dont allow Jatin to reduce the distance "this early..." ;)
    "Please control JATIN'S FEELINGs for a while" ;)

  7. this one was totally surprising maga... :) awesome vijeth... :)

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  10. Excellent !!!
    Dis is increasing my attention towards it..

    Reduce "Nature" description n increase Interactions between dem.. Like to read those :)

  11. Wow fantastic..this is really nice have nicely described nature.Great this blog is going my bookmarks.
    VIJETH Rocks!

  12. Thanks for the support friends.Will be posting the next part very soon.Keep the support coming.Unbiased opinions are also welcome as it would only spur me to improve.Ideas on how the story should go forward are also welcome.