Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Thoughts!!

I was watching NDTV at 11:00p.m on the night when terror not only struck Mumbai but also the the hearts of every Indian.Initially what appeared as just another gangwar later came to be known as what is today referred to as India's 9/11. Looking at the gory site of blood and torture everywhere,I felt a sense of anguish,anger and all other sentiments which my brethren in Mumbai and everywhere else are sensing.There was and still is justifiable anger towards the establishment.The lackadaisical nature of the people whom we voted to serve us who seemed to be sleepwalking through the various alerts issued by various security agencies was appalling.

I wondered as to how many more lives will have to be sacrificed to these religious zealots before our netas woke up from their deep slumber.I knew it had to be this time.The public is seething with anger.The very people who had the patience to wait for hours before a politician's cavalcade zipped through the busy traffic were now willing to even take their lives in public.The rancour was palpable and to a large extent justified.

But i said to myself "Hang on! do the politicians not behave as we allow them to","Do they not represent the nature of the prevalent society.Our country has debased itself by wholeheartedly sinking into the low ambits of corruption.Right from the jhaduwala to the bureaucrat,right from the suave IT Engineer to the richest businessmen,we all are neck deep in a corrupt society we have nurtured and developed from an infant terrible to demonic proportions.We are the first to flout rules at our will and this has resulted in a cascade of events which has resulted in this anarchy.We do not have a sense of belonging to our own motherland.We spit,urinate and do all the other things in roadside corners,we throw garbage in front of other's homes and are the first one to cry out when we face the same.

Added to this brazen behaviour,have we ever behaved in a responsible way.We always seem to know the rights of ours and duties of others.We all hooted and clamped when the NSG commandoes came out victorious from the various flashpoints.Enough and more airtime were given to these genuine heroes.With all due respect to our armed forces they were just doing their duty,so lets not get caught up in their heroics.The primary issue to be highlighted is "The commandoes did their job,have we done ours".

We never react strongly to any major bomb incidents.Its as though deaths and guns have become a part of life.Sometimes the gundas come from the another country and sometimes as armed guards of local corrupt corporators.We never make our leaders accountable.There are enough and more visionaries in our country but what we really need are people who can take quick decisions and implement what is urgently required.

Let us channelize this anger now to redefine India's might in the new global order.Let us reform ourselves first before expecting others to.Let us vow from today that we will follow even the smallest rules set by the state.Let us not be cowed down by acts done by some barbaric maniacs(Let them be damned.).Let us perform our duties with the utmost sincerity and honesty and we will soon see the change we want to.Let all the citizens of specially cities go out to vote and not sit in their customary drawing rooms watching the results on TV and be the first to scream out when any of their right is infringed upon.Let us all be Indians first and later Amar Akbar and Anthony.

Jai Hind!!!


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  3. i jus went through your article few mins back n thought its good at the outset.But honestly i felt that your viewpoints is no different than the others we have around.Sry for the criticism but here is my honest reaction....

    Your article is one of many where politicians are criticized for their lazy n lethargic behavior with colorful words.I appreciate it, but what i felt was we shud neither blame the politicians nor people for the happenings... but we should blame the polity! yes... our polity is over 57 yrs old is no longer relevant to the modern era.Dr.Ambedkar designed the polity by keepin selfless leaders in his mind who wer prevailing at those times.But now the things have changed... in the sense that everybdy needs to live a secured and comfortable life.Politicians feel that they hv spent lot of money during the elections and they need to earn all those money back again with interest after wining the elections... its quite obvious.Politicians(yea there mite be some xceptions) have always treated politics as business, where they invest n try to reap the returns with in a short period like 5 yrs.This is the real root of the corruption(i mean bussiness attitude).

    And coming to your criticism on ppl who r not voting.... i mean what shud the ppl do then?if u dont have the competent candidates contesting the elections, why should the ppl bother about voting?... even if they vote it may result in something like "Coalition Government".. where one needs to wait for several years to get the ppl-welfare projs through... As a result ppl have ended up selectin a better candidate than selectin a right candidate! and i dont really know how much better is this better candidate!! So we cant blame the voters in dis regard.

    You have asked so many questions in the article(good) while the order of the day ..i feel is answers.... yes we can motivate ppl to crush corruption and also make the politicians more alert!!! But is that enough? Will the current politicians be able to sustain that?!!i am not sure abt it... and if he can't sustain it.. he'll jus resign his job n walks away with wat eva he has earned during his doesn't make him ne world of a difference in his life...

    So, i feel the real solution lies in the core of the indian poiltics where one needs to do his job honestly and professionally in wateva hierarchical model he is in.But we cant expect those old ppl who have been running government from long long time (in the way they r used to) from now to change overnight.They hav got brittle in their mindset.Hence the success mantra lies with the youth of this country.,a country which boasts of having more than 60% of youths hav only very few in politics!!! Isn't that astonishing?!! And somewhere down the line i feel that some constraints in the indian polity should be added... like only educated(certain level ofcourse) candidates should be permitted to contest the elections(and more stringent rules like dat)... but the tragedy of indian politics is that the president of a political party selects the person for a particular job without keepin in the mind whether he is really capable or not... it depends on how close he/she is with the party-leader. So, where do we get these capable ppl is the next question that comes to our mind.... umm may be in IIMs,IITs,NITs,IAS,IPS academies... n may be in SJCE also?!! Lets make politics, a more professional one.... where our youngsters should think that life will not be miserable after joining politics and treat it as one of those sacred jobs.After that,lets increase the pay-scale for our politicians and make politics to be treated as one of the attractive career opportunities for all our youngsters and make them to work hard from 9am to 6pm in the office.I guess if every politician does his/her duty professionally like this,India will be prosperous than ever b4.We dont expect a politicain to be a superman or a sage to do all this things for a common man. We jus need a individual who knows his work and always strives hard to achieve excellence in watever he does.(Like we do it after joining the company).Let there be performance bonus and stuffs like that to motivate them....It mite look very less valuable if you consider it locally but it turns out to be invaluable when you consider India as a whole where more than 1billion ppl live.Experienced ppl from various domains will be able to give lot of valuable inputs to the youngsters workin in a particular segment of the poiltics. And we can build various things on the same lines to improve the situation.... so that we can build a sustainable,robust engine which is fuelled by knowledge,professionalism and progress....

    So if every segment in the politics is self sustaining then the country as a whole will progress and infinity will be zero!!!

    But the real crux is we Indians have got strong opinions on various things but we don't come forward to act.

    Lets be the change that we want to see...

    anyways nice blog buddy... keep up the good work

    cheers :)

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